Artwork and writing by Eden Gallanter.

Eden is a professional artist, author, and scientist, and is the creator of the Cheimonette Tarot, sold in over 30 countries, across 6 continents.

Original Paintings from the Cheimonette Tarot


Original Paintings from the Cheimonette Tarot


These paintings are the work of ten years, and were completed between 2003 and 2013, when the artist was between the ages of 23 and 34. They were made with watercolor, ink, colored pencil, and gouache. The size of each painting is roughly 8.5" x 11.5", on heavy watercolor paper or Bristol board.

Note on Shipping: please select "USPS Priority Domestic" or "USPS Priority International", depending on whether you are ordering from inside or outside the United States. However, please be aware that I will be using FedEX or UPS (not USPS) for these shipments, which will include delivery confirmation with signature.

After all, decks and prints can be replaced, but shipping original artwork requires extra care and protection!

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The full gallery of Cheimonette Tarot paintings is shown below.

Please note that the following original paintings have already been sold and are NOT available for purchase (but are available in print form):

  • Love

  • The Ace of Staves

  • The Seven of Staves

  • The Princess of Staves

  • The Seven of Cups

  • The Nine of Cups

  • The Princess of Swords

  • The Queen of Swords

  • The Ace of Disks

  • The Ten of Disks

  • Card Back

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